Seoul Sky Observatory: Lotte Tower, Seoul

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Seoul Sky

This week we’re visiting the Seoul Sky Observatory located in Seoul’s Lotte Tower. Welcome to week 342 of (8/31/2017) of Travel Photo Thursday. I’ve been back in Canada 23 days and Nova Scotia for nine; so far so good. My visit to the Seoul Sky Observatory was my last sight-seeing adventure in Korea, and I loved every moment. Now I also have a good reason to visit Seoul again sometime. I want to experience the awesome night view. Enjoy the photo tour.

There were lineups, but I was amazed at how quickly things moved. I was there at the height of the season and wait time for getting a ticket and the Sky Shuttle (elevator) to the 117 floor was a mere 15 minutes. Whoever is in charge is an expert in crowd control.

You enter Seoul Sky through the Lotte World Mall, which is easily accessible via Jamsil Subway Station (Line 2 or 8 Exit 2). Follow the signs and you won’t get lost.

Seoul Sky

Seoul Sky

Seoul Sky calls the fifth tallest building in the world, Lotte Tower (롯데월드타워), home, and that’s just the beginning.  It boasts the fastest elevator (nicknamed the Sky Shuttle) in the world (your ears will pop big time), and the highest glass-bottom observation deck of any building in the world (not for the faint of heart, but so much fun!). The entire observation deck is the 3rd largest in the world. Last, but not least, you’ll find the worlds highest swimming pool located in a building on the 85th floor.

B1 – Seoul Sky Lobby and Sky Shuttle

The adventure begins at basement level 1, where the ticket counters and the entrance to the sky shuttle are located. You can purchase online as well, but unless you are short on time or it is a Korean holiday I wouldn’t worry too much about purchasing tickets in advance. Of course, this could change as tour groups discover the attraction. The queues move amazingly fast. A single adult ticket is 27,000W, 24,000W for children (pricey, IMO), and 50,000W for a fast pass. There do not appear to be any family passes.


Seoul Sky

Seoul Sky

There’s sensory input everywhere; bright lights, patterns, and animation.


Seoul Sky

Waiting for the Sky Shuttle to ascend Seoul Sky Observatory.


Seoul Sky Observatory

Lining up for the Sky Shuttle.

The shuttle whisked me up from B1 to the 117th Floor in under one minute. There is no time to be bored, and trust me, your ears will pop!

Seoul Sky Observation Deck – 117 Floor

Be sure to check the weather and the pollution levels before deciding to visit. To get the most out of your admission price you want a clear day. The Han River’s muddy appearance probably has to do with the fact that there had been a significant amount of rain in July and August. The second bridge in this photo is the Olympic Bridge, built in 1988 for the Seoul Summer Olympics.


Seoul Sky

View from the 117th-floor observation deck.

I think these shots put the sheer size of the city into perspective. It’s easy to understand why Seoul is known as one of the most densely populated cities in the world.


Sky Seoul


Some of these buildings look like dominoes ready to fall.


Seoul Sky Observation Deck


The Sky Deck – 118th Floor

The Sky Shuttle does not go beyond the 117th Floor. From here you take either the escalators or the stairs.


Sky Seoul

Escalator to the 118th Floor.

Here you’ll find the glass floor observation area, and probably the most popular area of the Sky Seoul observation deck. I love heights as long as I’m closed in, so I had a great time standing there taking photos.


Seoul Sky

118th-floor glass observation deck

Look down, way down

Seoul Sky

Glass floor observatory on the 188th-Floor.


Seoul Sky

View from the glass floor observation deck (no feet!)

Seoul Terrace – 120th Floor

At 483 meters, you can stand on the Sky Terrace and inhale Seoul’s fine (or not so fine) air and feel the wind in your face.

I know you’re wondering why there’s no photo. I think it’s on the other camera and until I get settled I won’t be downloading those photos. I will post the photo once I have it downloaded 🙂

Seoul Sky Shop – 121st Floor

If you like pricey souvenirs, this shop is for you. Again, photo to follow.

Seoul Sky Cafe – 122nd Floor

The Angel-in-Us coffee shop runs a small coffee and ice cream kiosk here, and you’ll find washrooms decorated with a Star Wars/Spaceship theme.

123 Lounge – 123rd Floor

I would recommend the views from the lounge if you are there in the evening. This is the most exclusive spot in the building, and access is not a part of you 27,000 Won admission. To gain access you’ll have to purchase a drink, and I am guessing they don’t come cheap.


General Information

Lotte World Tower 서울 스카이 전망대
29 Sincheon-dong, Songpa-Gu, Seoul, South Korea.
서울특별시 송파구 신천동 29.

Admission Fee:
Adult: KRW 27,000
Child: KRW 24,000
Fast Pass: all ages 50,000

Opening hours can vary, so best to click on the link above for up-to-date information

The closest subway station is Jamsil (line 2 or 8), Exit 2.


Seoul Sky

Olympic Stadium from Seoul Sky.

Have you visited Seoul Sky? Would you or did you stand on the glass observation deck?  Let us know in the comments. 


Please welcome our co-hosts this week: Jan from Budget Travel Talk  Ruth from Tanama Tales  Rachel from Rachel’s Ruminations


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  1. I’ve never been to Seoul but I love the views. Wouldn’t like to see thru glass below by feet. Nope that would’t do LOL.

    • Hi, Carol. Thanks. The views are amazing from Sky Seoul The glass observation floor isn’t as scary as it looks 🙂

  2. That’s really high up! I don’t think I’ve ever been in a building that tall. All the other buildings look tiny when viewed from way up there. I’ve never been on a clear floor observation deck, but I suspect it may make me queasy. I bet the views are amazing at night. I might even be motivated to buy a drink to get to enjoy that lounge. Although, my husband doesn’t drink, so he may end up with a very expensive glass of water.

    • Hi, Michele. I think this is the highest building I have been in. I have been up the Petronas Towers in KL. I will have to check to see if they are taller than Sky Seoul. I wanted to get there for the night view but no time. I would no issue buying a drink to get onto the 123rd Floor.

  3. Wow, the views from this observation tower are phenomenal! We have a similar pollution problem here in Los Angeles. The skies look nice when after a rain. The problem is that it doesn’t rain that much in here. Hope the rain cooperates more in Korea.

    • Hi, Ruth. I agree. I couldn’t get enough of them. I think I walked around the entire 117 floor at least 5 times. Seoul had a rainy July, which was a blessing for me packing up the apartment. Rain keeps the humidity in check.

  4. Seoul Sky has to be a building of many bests: fastest elevator, highest glass observation deck and swimming pool, etc. And what amazing views including through the glass deck! It’s easy to see in your photos of block after block of high-rises and skyscrapers just how huge the city really is.
    Hope the moving into your new condo and repatriation are going smoothly!

    • Hi, Anita. Haha, it certainly is. There has been an unforeseen delay with the condo, so right now I am temporarily living in another town, and next week I will move about 20 minutes down the road to another town. My contractor thinks September 30th is the magic date. Fingers crossed! I’m enjoying being back and will be even happier when I get into my own digs.

  5. The visibility is quite good Nancie – I am surprised. Love the shots looking down through your feet and the ground. There is no way I could do that!

    • Hi, Jan. Sure you could. Just close your eyes and point the camera 🙂

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