Nova Scotia: A Peggy’s Cove Encore

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This week we’re in beautiful Peggy’s Cove. Welcome to week 245 (10/09/2015) of Travel Photo Thursday.  This is the week that almost did not happen. I finally bit the bullet and sent my computer into be fixed. The computer tech that I trust is in another city, so that meant packaging it up and sending through the Post Office. I am typing this on my Lenova S10, with a screen less than 10 inches, painful! Apologies for such a short post. We should be back in full operation next week.


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Sometimes I find the great photos in my archives, and here is one of them. On top of it being buried way, it was taken with my iphone!


Peggy’s from a different angle. I love the blue of  the sky and ocean, and the buildings providing dots of color here and there. The village, and the entire area are protected, so nothing can change unless approved. Chances are you’ll never find a five star hotel on the rocks!


Peggy's Cove

Have you visited Peggy’s Cove?


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  1. Gorgeous! And with your phone – wow!

  2. Hi Nancie, that’s great for an iPhone shot! I love the different shades of blues. Goodluck with your computer. Hope you’ll have it back soon.

  3. How Blue is that water!!! I feel I know Peggy’s Cove well from your blogging over the years Nancie. If someone were to ask me if I had been there, I would probably say yes, lol.

  4. Oh goodness after reading your FB post I didn’t expect to see a linkup today – you are a trooper, Nancie! And you did a beautiful post on your makeshift computer and had a fantastic photo as well! Kudos to you on all counts!

  5. The bonus of the phone is the camera – so you always have one handy!! great shot!

  6. I love rocky coasts like these. Seriously, I can be hours exploring the formations and details. I know I will like this place a lot!

  7. Beautiful, love the vivid colors…

  8. Oh no! I can only imagine how hard it must’ve been for you to create this post on your phone. Yaiks! I hope you get your laptop back the soonest!

  9. What a beautiful photo! Your posts and photos of Peggy\’s Cove have always been inspiring and I\’d love to visit it one of these days. Here\’s hoping your computer is returned soon.

  10. Remarkable. Sometimes my iPhone takes some pretty good shots too!

  11. I think it’s a wonderful photo. The water is so blue that I almost want to get too close to the water, ha ha. I do hope your computer is sorted out soon. I hope that the new job is going well. My cousin just visited Daejeon (and the DMZ), and I thought of you when I saw his photos (of Daejeon, not the DMZ).

    Maybe it’s because my “real” camera is just a point and shoot, but I often like taking photos with my iPhone. There are some lighting conditions, like when it’s a hazy or foggy day, that my iPhone actually captures a better image. (It’s because I can’t figure out the White Balance on my camera.) I also like that I can immediately start tinkering with the photo using an iPHone app.

  12. Any photo with rocks works for me! This is beautiful – especially with the contrasts between the rocks, sea and sky!

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