Magical Sunrise Shots

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Sunrise Shots

Keeping with the sun theme from last week, this week we are taking you on a tour of magical sunrise shots taken in my travels over the years. Welcome to week 337 (7/20/2017) of Travel Photo Thursday. Here comes the sun. Enjoy!

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Sunrise from Clan Jetty Heritage Home, Penang

When you stay right on the water how can miss the sunrise? A few summers ago I spent a month exploring Penang, and although I stayed outside of the city centre I did spend a few nights at the Clan Jetty Heritage Home (highly recommended) taking in the Georgetown Festival and enjoying the ambiance of the Clan Jetties. The magic of the sunrise was impossible to resist and my camera was busy during my stay on the Jetty.


Penang Sunrise

Hua Hin Sunrise

I’ve called the beachside town of Hua Hin my temporary home a few times over the years. I love it’s close proximity to Bangkok, and there is always affordable accommodation available a short stroll from the beach. You’ll find a beautiful beach ideal for sunning, swimming, and walking. Don’t hesitate to sample some of the seafood on offer. Hua Hin is home to the Thai Royal Family’s summer home, so the town is much tamer than some of the other beach spots in Thailand. Of course, be sure to drag yourself out of bed to capture a few sunrise shots.


Sunrise, Hua Hin Beach


Sunrise, Hua Hin Beach


The fisherman get’s ready to cast his net as the sun rises. There’s always some activity on the beach as the sun slowly moves above the horizon.


Fisherman, Hua Hin Beach


Angkor Wat Sunrise

A trip to Angkor Wat is not complete without a sunrise shot. The 5 am pickup time may seem a bit harsh at the moment but with that first glimpse of the sun rising over the ancient monument and the reflections in the lily pool,  you’ll have no regrets over missed sleep.


Angkor Wat Sunrise


Goeje Island Sunrise

This golden new year’s eve day sunrise made the overnight bus ride down the Korean peninsula totally worth it!




There you have it for another week of Travel Photo Thursday. How often do you manage to see the sun making its debut to fill your lens with sunrise shots? Let us know in the comments.


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  1. All so lovely! I especially am taken by the photo in Angkor Wat. The yellows are just beautiful!

    • Hi, Sharon. I loved taking photos at Angkor Wat. The light is amazing and the sunrise is very special.

  2. I’ve got way more sunsets than sunrises on my memory card, that’s for sure. The Angkor Wat shot is gorgeous and I’m intrigued by the clan jetties. I’d stay in the place you suggest if I were to go.

    • Hi, Jan. I loved staying on the jetty, and this property was lovely and affordable. If I ever go back to Penang, I will stay there again.

  3. Magical photos of the sunrise in Thailand. Thanks for hosting.

    • Hi, Lisa. Welcome to Travel Photo Thursday. Thanks for your kind words. I always love a Thai sunrise or sunset. #TPThursday

  4. gorgeous sunrises against these backdrops. We don’t see sunrises over the ocean in Western Australia, so my ocean shots are usually sunsets. However I love to take sunrises photos when we are out in the bush camping. Such a peaceful time as the new day dawns.

    • Hi, Jill. There is nothing like greeting the day as the sun comes up 🙂 #TPThursday

  5. I would like to visit all of these. There are so many magical places in Asia. I have not been in long time and miss the continent. #TPThursday

    • Hi, Ruth. All are definitely worthy of a visit! I’m excited to be going back home to Canada, but I know I will miss the sights, sounds, and smells of Asia. #TPThursday

  6. I’m not a morning person, so sunrises are always a challenge. I love the ones you have with a silhouette – that extra layer is always so interesting!

    • Hi, Cindy. I hear you. Leaving a comfy bed pre-dawn is always a challenge. Silhouettes are always my favorites, too

  7. I’m not usually a pre-dawn person, but I think with sunrises like this it may be worth getting out of bed for. The Angkor Wat sunrise is spectacular. I did take one very stunning sunrise shot coming up over the Flinders Ranges in South Australia a few years ago. It is one of my favourite photos.

    • Hi, Kathy. The sun rise at Angkor Wat is special. I could not imagine visiting and not taking in the sun rise.

  8. The sun comes up here at about 5 am every morning, so I never quite catch the sunrise (yes, lazy!!). Great photos 🙂

    • Hi Esther!Not everyone likes getting up before the sun 🙂

  9. Wow. You have some real stunners here. The reflections on Angkor Wat and the clouds running through the sun ball are my favourites.

  10. Oh, I will never get tired of staring at sunsets, be they in real time or photos. These are stunning Nancie!

  11. Stunning as usual! I love the photo of Angkor Wat! I always have more sunset shots than sunrise because…well, ahem, I have a time dragging myself out of bed early. But I do have some when there’s a time difference so I can get up earlier ha ha!

  12. Your sunrise shots are beautiful! I have a lot of sunset pictures, but very few at sunrise. I should really start taking more. It’s such a beautiful time of the day.

  13. I decided to sleep in and not capture the traditional Angkor Wat at sunrise shot, so it’s nice to see your picture. And of course, I am always partial to any photo of Penang.

    • I’ve been to Angkor Wat twice and could not resist the sun rise either time. 🙂 #TPThursday

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