Korea: Gurye Sansuyu Festival

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Gurye Sansuyu Festival

Two weeks ago I went on a bus tour to the Gurye area of Korea, about four hours south of Seoul, to enjoy the first spring blossoms at the Gurye Sansuyu Festival. Welcome to week 323 (4/6/2017) of Travel Photo Thursday. Join me as I show off the yellow colored blossoms of the cornelian cherry trees. (Apologies, again, for not being around much but this semester is particularly busy. I should have a few days off later this month, and I’m looking forward to catching up on all of your blogs.)

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To put it mildly, Korea is festival crazy. On any given weekend between March and November there are at least a half a dozen festivals happening across the country, and sometimes more. April is one of the most important festival months with the cherry blossoms spreading their delicate splendor in every nook and cranny, not to mention the magnolia blooms that seem to disappear as quickly as they arrive. The Gurye Sansuyu Festival is one of the first flower festivals of the season, and Mother Nature does not always cooperate in providing warm enough temperatures to produce the gorgeous landscape of yellow blossoming trees the area is known. While this year’s festival was not a bust, the flowers did struggle to open up under the gray skies and chilly temps. We arrived in Guyre in the rain and were fortunate to have the weather take a turn for the better the next morning, and we enjoyed walking the slightly muted yellow blanketed festival route.


Gurye Sansuyu Festival

Gurye Sansuyu Festival

The Gurye Sansuyu Festival is spread out over a few kilometers, which you can walk or use the free shuttle bus service if you want to visit the trees further up the course.  There are manicured walkways like these and the one above. I would have loved to walked along here when the trees were in full bloom.



Gurye Sansuyu Festival


We also meandered along the country road where the scenery was more rugged. While I enjoyed the boardwalks and manicured walkways, I loved the roadside scenery. This is rural Korea. The land doesn’t look particularly friendly to farming, but this is farm country.


Gurye Sansuyu Festival

Gurye Sansuyu Festival

Gurye Sansuyu Festival

Gurye Sansuyu Festival


I love this quirky tree growing out the side of the bank.


Gurye Sansuyu Festival


The Korean photographers were out in droves, all looking for the perfect photo in the same place!


Gurye Sansuyu Festival


I cannot imagine dragging around that foot long (plus) lens. 🙂


Gurye Sansuyu Festival


This made such a pretty photo, I thought.


Gurye Sansuyu Festival


There were even a few cherry blossoms around.


Gurye Sansuyu Festival

Gurye Sansuyu Festival


The first flowers and blossoms of spring are always exciting. Although many of the trees were not in full bloom, The Gurye Sansuyu Festival did not disappoint.

This festival is an annual event happening the last week of March. I took a tour through Goh Travel, and highly recommend them for their budget tours. If you want something

more luxurious check with Visit Korea.

Has spring sprung in your part of the world? Let us know in the comments.


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  1. Just beautiful! The cherry blossoms receive such attention that I have never even heard of cornelian cherry trees! Stunning photos!

  2. Beautiful photos. Love the one with the quirky tree!

  3. Love the linkup! Thanks!!

  4. That photo with the mirror is gorgeous. It looks like a slow start to Spring but when the Sun comes out those flowers should really pop.

  5. Judging from your posts and photos, I can see Korea is in love with festivals. But, I find that an awesome thing. There are tons of things to do. Those trees are so beautiful! Great time to travel around. #TPThursday

  6. This was so beautiful! I can’t even imagine how it looks in full bloom. That quirky tree is so neat!

    • Hi, Mary. I agree, and full bloom would be even more spectacular!

  7. Both the yellow and pale pink cherry blossoms are lovely and some of your photos almost look like water colors. I am always amazed when reading your posts at how varied and beautiful South Korea’s countryside is!

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