Chiang Mai — Massaman Curry with a Twist on Foodie Tuesday

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One of my favorite restaurants in Chiang Mai is Angel’s Secrets, located in the old city 27 Moonmueang, Soi  5.  The sign above the door says it all: “Budget Gourmet Cuisine”.  There must be well over a hundred items on the menu, so making a choice is no easy feat. Over the years, I’ve tried numerous dishes; sometimes choosing western and sometimes Thai. Everything I’ve tried has been outstanding!

Closed on Mondays!

I can’t show you the inside (because I took this shot today, Monday, when I was walking by), but I promise it is as cute and comfortable as the outside.

Welcome! (Closed on Mondays!)

Welcome! (Closed on Mondays!)

I just noticed that they serve homemade ice cream! I’ll be trying that next time!!


On a recent visit I was yearning for some good Thai food, and after much indecision, I decided on the Massaman Curry (vegetarian) served with homemade French crepes. How different is that?  I was not disappointed! The curry was cooked to perfection; just a bit sweet. The homemade crepes were a perfect complement. The fresh vegetables on the side were a very nice touch. Everything is fresh, fresh, fresh, and  the presentation is always picture perfect.  For anyone who doesn’t like spicy food, Massman curry is an excellent choice!

Budget Gourmet Cuisine served at Angel's Secret's in Chiang Mai

Budget Gourmet Cuisine served at Angel’s Secret’s in Chiang Mai

This is the second massaman/mussaman curry dish I have featured since I’ve been in Chiang Mai. I’m honestly not sure of the correct spelling. I have seen it spelt both massaman and mussaman, depending on the restaurant! If you missed the previous post, you can find it here.


This is an easy curry to make at home. Vegetarian Massaman Curry . (This recipe calls for seitan. I had no idea what that is. A bit of research told me that it’s “wheat gluten”. Personally, I think I would use firm tofu instead. Angel’s Secrets definitely used tofu in their recipe.

Travelers Tip

Open Tuesday to Saturday 7am – 4pm; (closed Monday)/Phone: 089-560-0956

Angel’s Secrets on Facebook

Here’s a map to help you find your way…

Angel's Secrets

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  1. Love Thai curries- would love to eat one in Thailand!

  2. Come on over, and I’ll introduce you to some great curry places, including Angel’s Secrets 🙂

  3. This part of the world is not on our radar, so I always enjoy reading about it through others.

    • Hi Patti! Thanks for dropping by, and I’m glad you enjoyed the post. There’s lots more where that came from, so do drop back anytime.

  4. What a cute and quaint building. This sounds delicious.

  5. Hope I get there! Sounds yummy!

  6. It looks delicious, i would love to try your recipes some day and very soon!

    • Hi Noel! If you do make any of the recipes, please let us know how they turn out.

  7. I love curry so this sounds perfect for me. I’ve had seitan, it has the texture of beef but I’ve been trying to eliminate wheat (had no idea it was wheat gluten) so I’d substitute tofu instead.
    That’s a beautiful presentation too, nice plate.
    Thanks for linking up this week, Nancie!

    Oh, I had picked the wrong linky script. I saw that last night and it took me ages to figure out what happened – I was sure I’d picked the correct one. Anyway, the images are showing now.

  8. I love curry! 🙂 The vegetarian mussaman curry dish seems yummy!

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