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Being Amazed in Spain on A Budget

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Spain was my first European adventure since moving to Asia in 2001. Traveling on a budget in South East Asia is not a hardship. You can do a lot of great things on the cheap. The more I researched Spain the more nervous I became regarding finances. I took a deep breath and plunged in anyway, and YES I was amazed at all the great things I experienced without breaking the bank!

1. Olives and Wine; not necessarily in that order! I’m not sure when I realized that olives grow on trees. Growing up in Canada the only olives I knew were the ones that came out of a jar. I think my love affair with fresh olives began on my first trip to Europe many many years ago. I was in heaven when I realized that a dish of fresh olives almost always came with delicious red wine, at 3 or 4 Euros a glass; sometimes even 2 Euros.

I want to grab one and eat it!

Delicious Fresh Spanish Olives


O La La … Look at the great legs on this smooth, dry, 3 Euros a glass Spanish wine.

Wine and Tapas at Mercado de San Miguel, Madrid, Spain


2. Pomp and Ceremony

Spain is not without it’s share of pomp and ceremony. The Solemn Changing of the Guard happens at noon the first Wednesday of every month. Beautiful horses, carriages, and military bands entertain spectators, and admission is free!

Pomp and Ceremony at the Royal Palace in Madrid


3. Museums, Museums and more Museums

I mentioned in my last post that I am a museum junky. I spent a lot of time in Madrid’s museums and by careful planning was able to visit many of them for free. I visited the Prado four times, but only paid once!

Madrid's Prado Museum


4. Inspiring Views and Architecture

Impossible to get enough of either, and they are FREE!

Beautiful Seville…

A View of Seville, Spain

The shot above was taken atop this gorgeous tower…The Giralda…

Seville's Giralda Tower


Have you been to Spain? What amazed you?



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