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Canada: Three Nova Scotia Comfort Foods

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It’s week 253 of Travel Photo Thursday, welcome! I’m still moaning over essays, but on a positive note, I am on schedule to be 100% essay free by Sunday! All this marking and the cold weather has me thinking of comfort food, and not just any comfort food. I’m craving three of my favorite Nova Scotia comfort foods.

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First there’s fishcakes and seafood chowder. I grew up on mom’s and dad’s, and, at 92, my dad still makes both of these dishes once in a while, and they are amazing. After my Dad’s, the best fishcakes and seafood chowder I’ve had in recent years was at the Train Station Inn in rural Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia. I did not want this meal to end. Both the chowder and the fishcakes were seasoned perfectly, and the fish used in both dishes was over the top delicious.


Nova Scotia Seafood Chowder, and Nova Scotia Fish Cakes

Nova Scotia Delights

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Stunning Water Photos from Around the World

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Welcome to week 252 of Travel Photo Thursday (10/29/2015), and my apologies for being so late this week. My students submitted their 5 paragraph essays this week, and I now have the never ending task (or so it seems) to mark each and everyone! I love water, and I know I’m not alone. I don’t hesitate to get up before the crack of dawn with the hope of capturing that perfect sunrise over the water photo. If it’s a sunset over the water, I’ll stay until the sun is only a memory. This week I’m sharing with you some of my favorite water photos from around the globe.

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I’ve taken some beautiful water shots in my own home province of Nova Scotia.

Stunning Peggy’s Cove; obviously taken looking way from the lighthouse towards the village.


Peggy's Cove

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Nova Scotia: A Peggy’s Cove Encore

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This week we’re in beautiful Peggy’s Cove. Welcome to week 245 (10/09/2015) of Travel Photo Thursday.  This is the week that almost did not happen. I finally bit the bullet and sent my computer into be fixed. The computer tech that I trust is in another city, so that meant packaging it up and sending through the Post Office. I am typing this on my Lenova S10, with a screen less than 10 inches, painful! Apologies for such a short post. We should be back in full operation next week.


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Sometimes I find the great photos in my archives, and here is one of them. On top of it being buried way, it was taken with my iphone!


Peggy’s from a different angle. I love the blue of  the sky and ocean, and the buildings providing dots of color here and there. The village, and the entire area are protected, so nothing can change unless approved. Chances are you’ll never find a five star hotel on the rocks!


Peggy's Cove

Have you visited Peggy’s Cove?


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Nova Scotia: Why You Should Visit Peggy’s Cove Now

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Welcome to week 244 of Travel Photo Thursday.  The week here has been nothing short of intense. Settling into a new job that involves getting to know over a hundred personalities is no easy task. Enough of that!We’re heading to Nova Scotia this week, at least virtually, and specifically, to the iconic Peggy’s Cove.

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Whether you’re standing on the rocks at Peggy’s breathing in the distinctive smell of the North Atlantic, or admiring the quaint village harbor lined with pretty as a picture fishing boats, time will stand still, at least for a few moments. Sadly there is a dark side to Peggy’s Cove. Every year there are deaths or close calls as visitors get swept off the rocks into the frigid waters. Many people pay little heed to the warning signs, and don’t understand the meaning of rogue waves. One of the latest tragedies has the government rethinking how to keep visitors safe. I’m sceptical that this will happen immediately, but there is talk of erecting fences to keep visitors out of harms way. I cannot imagine a barricaded Peggy’s Cove, and here’s hoping that the government will find more innovative and visually appealing ways to protect those who want to experience the beauty and inspiration she has to offer.

These views should never have to compete with a fence.


Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada

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Summer Travel Dreams for Travel Photo Thursday

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Welcome to the 226th edition (07/05/2015) of Travel Photo Thursday. Summer is five weeks away, and for me it is one of transition. I may in Korea in September, maybe not. I have known for awhile that what it does mean is that there may not be any great travel adventures this coming summer. However, I know that this is just a temporary blip. If I could/can travel this summer, this where you would find me.

The first place…drum roll please (and as if you haven’t guessed) Nova Scotia to see my DAD…when I talk to him these days there seems to be an elephant in the room. I want to say I will see you this summer, but I know (at least at the moment) that I can’t. Here is a gorgeous Nova Scotia shot that I dug out from my archives…

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LaHave River at sunset…


Lahave Sunset


If you’re ever in Nova Scotia, head to the south shore and take the cable ferry across the LaHave River. It’s a unique ride with some fab views.

Then, for something completely different I’d head to Budapest. The last time I was there they were having a blistering heatwave. In fact, on one of the days the city boasted the highest temperature anywhere in the world! Hopefully, it would be a wee bit cooler this time. I want to enjoy the hot spring bathes, and just wander through this city with its rough around the edges charm. I’d also make the time to see some other part of Hungary. I know that they have a thriving wine industry, which I would love to explore.




Those are my summer travel dreams. What are yours?

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A 1749 Halifax Landmark for Travel Photo Thursday

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Walk to the corner of Spring Garden Road and Barrington Street, and it’s safe to that you are in one of the most historical parts of Halifax. On your right is the Old Burial Ground, and directly across the street you have St. Matthew’s United Church founded in the same year as Halifax, 1749, and the oldest United Church in Canada. That’s where I am taking you today, on week 204 (December 4, 2014) of Travel Photo Thursday.

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The church that stands today, an outstanding example of Gothic Revival architecture, is not the original, which burnt to the ground on January 1st, 1857.


St. Matthew's United Church, Halifax, Nova Scotia

St. Matthew's Church, Halifax, Nova Scotia

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