Bye-Bye Korea, Hello Canada

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This is our final Travel Photo Thursday from Korea, where it all started back in 2009. This time next week Indy and I will be in Vancouver, Canada visiting friends for a couple of weeks, and then it will be on to Nova Scotia where we plan on putting down a few roots (at least for a while). Welcome to week 339 (8/3/2017) of Travel Photo Thursday.

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Since finishing the semester it’s been daily trips to the post office sending stuff home and to the garbage throwing stuff away. Add in trying to sell and give away everything else that isn’t nailed down. I really thought I was living a minimalistic lifestyle, but now I know that was pure delusion on my part. Sixteen boxes layer, averaging 10 – 15 kilo each, and major culling along the way, my minimalistic lifestyle has been pure fantasy!



When I was going through papers, scanning, and pitching I discovered my original airline itinerary. The date was October 26, 2000, and my destination was Taiwan, not Korea. I arrived the day before the Singapore airline crash in Taipei. Needless to say, there were a few phone calls to family to ease worried minds. During my brief time in Taiwan I did get to do some traveling and over the years have returned many times. One of my favourite photos is of the Taiwan mist after a relentless downpour amid angry thunder and sizzling lightning.

Taiwan Mist

I also developed a passion for the beautiful orchids common to the island.


Taiwan Orchid

Taiwan Orchid

On February 28, 2001, I arrived in Korea with six inches of snow and freezing temperatures. What a shock after Taiwan’s subtropical climate. I thought I would stay for a year, and now it’s almost 17! I lived in a number of towns and cities across the peninsula, calling both Daejeon and Seoul home over the years.

The brief and beautiful cherry blossom season here never loses its appeal. Over the years I have taken every opportunity to photograph the delicate blossoms.

Spring Blossoms in Daejeon

Finally.....A Hint of Spring!!

I was also fond of meandering along the river in Daejeon.

Daejeon Expo Park and Arboretum

Look At Me

Dance Like Nobody's Watching

These photos are the tip of the iceberg. I found so much beauty in both Taiwan and Korea, and I have been fortunate to have numerous photo-ops over the years. But, now it’s time to head to Canada.

Indy and I leave Incheon Airport on Tuesday, August 8th at 3:20 pm. Thankfully, she will be in the cabin snoozing (fingers crossed) by my feet for the duration. Our first stop is Vancouver and my friends’ hobby farm.

Vancouver: Down on the Farm

Vancouver: Down on the Farm

Then, on August 22nd we take the red-eye to Halifax, arriving around 11 am. Indy and I will spend a week in the city. I’ll be scurrying around taking care of business, while Indy catches up on her zzzs. From there we’ll head to Annapolis Royal with the plan to put down some roots for a little while. Of course, there will be weekly trips to the big city to visit my Dad and enjoy some daughterly duties. Some of that will be nagging my almost 94-year-old Dad to visit the doctor once in a while!

In between, there will be trips to some favourite haunts like the Halifax Public Gardens, Peggy’s Cove, and Mahone Bay to name but a few. Finally, there’s Annapolis Royal where I hope Indy and I will get to listen to the songbirds and explore every inch of this part of Nova Scotia and beyond.


Bandstand, Halifax Public Gardens, Nova Scotia

Peggy's Cove

Mahone Bay Churches Low Tide

Our final destination, Annapolis Royal…

Annapolis River from the Annapolis Royal Wharf

Have you ever returned home after of traveling and living in another country or countries for an extended period of time? Let us know in the comments. 

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  1. Hi Nancie, I can’t believe your time in Korea is over. I can only imagine the excitement you’re feeling. Although we’ve not changed countries, we recently left our home of 60 years to shift 1500 km south. We’re nearly 6 months into it now and I’ve finally decided it feels more like home rather than a permanent holiday. This means I’ve stopped acting like I’m on holidays – happy hours every night and nibblies to go with them are a thing of the past – I was putting on too much weight lol! Now we wait for when we get visitors, which luckily is quite a frequent occurrence.

  2. Ha! It’s not until we start packing that we discover how much stuff we have! What amazing places you have taken us to during your time in Korea. I have very much enjoyed seeing places which I will probably never visit. I have never lived anywhere other than Western Australia, and as much as I love travel, I love return home too, and know how lucky I am. It must feel bitter sweet to be leaving, but joy in knowing you are returning home. Safe travels. And best wishes for the next stage of your life journey.

  3. Wow, moving country. That sounds scary and exciting at the same time (and surely, it must be a little exhausting as well). Looks like you have lots to forward to! see you in Canada (well, online that is)!

  4. Wow. It will be strange for you for awhile. At least you got the most out of your time in Korea…

  5. You must have some mixed feelings about this, but I’m looking forward to your photography from Canada! I know you visited Canada often while you were living abroad: much more than I do. But I don’t feel very “at home” when I visit there anymore, so I’m fine with occasional visits. The best of luck to you with your move!

  6. Have a safe trip back home! It has been a pleasure seeing Korea through your eyes and virtually traveling with you there all these years. I know being with your dad and being home will be worth all the packing and travel time. Looking forward to learning more about this part of Canada from you.

  7. What amazing memories you’ll have of your time (wow-17 years!)in Taiwan and South Korea and all your travels of Asia and elsewhere oven that time. Your photos were all beautiful but I was really taken with the photo of the mist in Taiwan and those amazing orchids. I’m sure saying goodbye to South Korea after so many years will be difficult but who knows what adventures lie ahead and a whole new chapter of life in beautiful Canada. I’m looking forward to following your journey around Nova Scotia. Save travels and a soft landing when you return home!

  8. I’ve truly enjoyed your posts and tips from Korea – especially to pass on to my daughter who is in Seoul until March – but I look forward to hearing about and seeing posts from Canada. Best of luck on your travels! Enjoy!

  9. So many memories Nancie! I hope you kept that itinerary! I know you were trying to clean up but some things just hold so much sentimental value. Once again, wish you the best during this transitions time. My husband and I like to describe ourselves as minimalists but I know we can get rid of at least half of what we have on the apartment (and that would be a great idea).

  10. This is a nice walk down memory lane of your time in Korea. It has been interesting learning a lot about Korea through your blog. Bon voyage and I will be looking forward to some Canadian posts.

  11. Well I am sorry I missed this link up but life has been topsy-turvy as you well know with your move. We are doing just the opposite and heading out for a new adventure. You’ve inspired me with this post because I am finding it difficult to start and finish each day with nothing more to think about than discarding what amounts to my life’s story (feels kind of like I died and I am cleaning out my own stuff). But new adventures await and new memorabilia is out there waiting to be stuffed into drawers and put on shelves. . .save journey and happy adventures to you!! xxx

  12. Korea is a truly amazing destination. What are your highlights from there?

  13. An end of one amazing adventure and the beginning of another! I love Korea and Taiwan, but I think laying down some roots in Halifax will be just as great. It seems like such a beautiful place!

  14. Here’s to new beginnings. Someone once told me when I was a young college grad that you don’t have to figure out what you want to do in life; you just have to figure out what you want to do next. Your “next” in Canada will be terrific based on all that you’ve already shown me from your home visits to that gorgeous country. If you’re like me, it takes a while to adjust to it being a one-way ticket home. It will feel a bit strange that you’re not running around trying to squeeze it all in before you return to Asia. On to the next chapter…

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