Best of Thailand for Travel Photo Thursday

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Best of Thailand

Enjoy the best of Thailand for week 305 (07/12/2016) of Travel Photo Thursday. Since I’m probably not traveling out of the country this winter I decided to do a walk down memory lane this week.  I’ve spent a lot of winters in Thailand over the years and here are a few of my best of Thailand posts from over the years.

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Best of Thailand

Taste of Thailand Food Tours 

From dining on the street to 5-star restaurants food is synonymous with Thailand and each area of the country boasts their specialties. Often the best way to experience the best of Thailand and the great flavors of Thai food is to take a food tour. Taste of Thailand Food Tours offers both full morning and evening tours. I chose the morning and sampled everything from street cart curry puffs and fried bananas to curry made for the royal family. You can drool over the food here.


Best of Thailand


Amulet Market

I discovered Bangkok’s Amulet Market on my last visit to the Land of Smiles. Considering that it’s located just steps from some Bangkok’s busiest tourist attractions (Wat Po, Grand Palace) I was surprised that I had never discovered this gem before. Experience a crash course in amulet buying. The locals are serious about their good luck charms! Stop. and watch a local amulet artisan at work. Wander down a few of the side streets where Budha statues are handmade. Have your aches and pains treated with the latest traditional medicines. Read the full post here. 


Best of Thailand

Amulet Market, Bangkok

Elephant Nature Park

Many visitors to Thailand dream of spending time with the Thai elephants, and I was no exception. However, it’s important to choose your elephant adventure wisely. My recommendation is the Elephant Nature Camp located a short drive from Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand. The majority of the elephants are rescued animals. The camp owns many of the elephants, and some are on loan from owners who may or may not want them back one day. Your visit will include feeding, bathing, and laughing hilariously at the elephant’s mud pit antics. An elephant kiss is also a distinct possibility. These guys and gals are not trained to do tricks. Their playtime is real! If you stay overnight, you’ll get to walk along the river bed with the herd, and see exactly what they get up to in the jungle! Only the mahouts ride these gentle beasts. One of many things I learned during my short time with the elephants is that their spines are very fragile and riding on their back causes them great pain. Check out my original post here. 


Best of Thailand

Best of Thailand

Sunrise on Hua Hin Beach

I’ve spent Christmas on Hua Hin Beach several times, and I would highly recommend this for a best of Thailand adventure. The town is home to the Royal’s summer palace so that you won’t see the sometimes seedy side of Thailand beach resorts. The beach is fabulous for lounging, walking, swimming, grabbing a bite to eat, or simply experiencing Mother Nature at her finest. Enjoy more of the Hua Hin sunrise here.


Fisherman Walking, Hua Hin Beach


Do you have a best of Thailand moment? Let us hear about it in the comments!

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  1. Sorry to hear you won’t be in Thailand this winter — I know you really enjoy your time there. I hope you have big plans for the winter anyway. (And that amulet market sounds really cool.)

    • Hi, Cindy! There will be other years 🙂 My new condo in Nova Scotia will be closing this summer, and I am going home for that (of course) and it’s Canada’s 150th birthday, so there will be lots going on. Once I get this next phase of my life on track, I’ll probably get back to Thailand.

  2. My day at Elephant Nature Park is one of the standout memories of my travels anywhere in the world. It really is such a special experience and soooo much better than riding an elephant.

    • Hi, Michele! I totally agree. I stayed overnight at the park, so I got to go trekking in the jungle with the herd. That was magical! One of these days I will go back to the park, but sometimes things aren’t quite the same the second time.

  3. Hi Nancie, I didn’t realize that Elephant’s backs are very fragile and that riding them causes pain. I was already against it on grounds of cruelty and this only adds to my resolve not to ride them.

    • Hi, Jan. What I learned was their spines are very fragile. The mahouts always ride on their necks. That way there isn’t any pressure on the spine.

  4. Oh Nancie! You took me back to Thailand. Just yesterday, my husband and I were remembering the food we ate in there (we were eating Indian and we started to remember Thailand, go figure). I heard about the amulet market but didn’t visit. In fact, I couldn’t visit markets in Bangkok for several reasons. Hope to go back and do a decent market crawl. #TPThursday

    • Hi, Ruth! I’m glad I could take you back to Thailand! Thai markets are grand, and I’m sure that you and your husband would love the Amulet Market.

  5. I love Thailand; it’s time I went back. Jim and I did not go together, and I’m sure there is so much I didn’t get to see. Love your elephants!

    • Hi, Corrine! You and Jim would have a blast in Thailand together. Do go to the Elephant Nature Park if you can. It is such a surreal experience. The elephants are out of this word beautiful. I will never forget my time with them!! I’m overdue for a visit to Thailand, too. Maybe next year after I get the condo closed and onto my next life adventure!! 🙂

  6. I’d love to do a food tour in Thailand. I only recently started doing them – the kids are now old enough to join – and it has been so much fun trying new things! We love Thai food so I know that would be a big hit.

    • Hi, Shoba! I adore food tours. I always find that I learn a lot and the food is always fab. I think they would be a great activity for kids.

  7. I’ve never been to Thailand and the only entree I’ve had to the culture is through its foods. I’d love to visit and take a food tour!

    • Hi, Irene. The food tours in Bangkok are an excellent introduction to Thai food. Cooking classes are another.

  8. Thailand is definitely on my must-visit list. The food, the people the beautiful country. But like everyone else visiting the elephants would be wonderful. Thanks for recommending a place that treats the animals respectfully.

  9. I am happy to hear there is still a safe way (for the elephants) to enjoy interacting with them. I am strongly against animal cruelty and riding elephants is definitely cruel. Thanks for telling us about the Elephant Nature Camp. I will definitely read more about it!

  10. Fabulous pictures! We’re hoping to add Asia (Thailand-Laos-Vietnam_Cambodia) to our list of adventures in 2017 and have a rough itinerary drawn up. Just researching the air pollution factors now as I’ve heard that crop-burning in Thailand begins in February and March which won’t be good for Richard with his respiratory issues. I may be reaching out to you with questions but crossing my fingers that we can connect with you somehow in your part of the world next year! 🙂

  11. I’ve never been to Thailand, but would certainly love to go. Love the food! And I could sure see myself on that beach right about now. Season’s Greetings, Nancie!

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