Bangkok: Cooking with Poo for Travel Photo Thursday

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Welcome to week 220 of Travel Photo Thursday. I spent this past Christmas in Bangkok doing one of my favorite things…cooking school! You may have done a double take at the title, but yes the name of the cooking school is Cooking with Poo, and the lovely owner and brilliant cook is Poo (short for “Chompoo” or rose apple). Poo takes any teasing about her name in good stride, and is always quick with a joke or a funny comment. Enjoy today’s tour of her cooking school and the delicious food that was made (some of it by me) last Christmas Day.

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Poo and her assistant waiting for the final students to arrive. We all met in the same place, so that kept any confusion to a minimum.


Poo Waiting for Students

Here we are standing in front of the cooking school, located in Bangkok’s largest slum…Klong Toey. Yes, Poo and her family are long term residents of Klong Toey and the cooking school began here in 2007 in Poo’s front room. This location is relatively new, and I think Poo is telling us about the August, 2014 fire that destroyed the school. I love the colorful front of the new location, and the Merry Christmas sign that greeted us!


At the Cooking School


The cooking stations are compact, and easy to work in. Everything you need is close at hand.


Work Stations


Poo demonstrates each dish before she let us loose in the kitchen.


Poo Demos How to Cook


Our first dish is Spicy Beef Salad (Yam Neua). This is a brand new dish to me and I was very eager to prepare it and eat it.


Spicy Beef Salad Prep


Doesn’t that look yummy? Although it’s advertised as spicy, and spice is definitely used, the flavors are very subtle. You don’t get that burn in your mouth that spicy dishes are so famous for. Perhaps, the mint leaves help tame the heat. I absolutely loved this dish, and will be making it again one day soon…very soon.


SpicyBeefSalad (Yam Neua)


Drum roll, pleasssssssssssss………………………….The recipe…………………………

300g beef (sliced)

1C Water

2 tbsp lime juice

4 tsp fish sauce

1 tbsp lemongrass, finely chopped

fresh chillies to taste

2 spring onions

1 tbsp red onion

2 tbsp coriander

1 tomato, sliced

7 mint leaves

4 kaffir lime leaves, finely chopped

Boil water, and add beef. Boil until  cooked.

Drain water 80%.

Add all of the remaining ingredients, and mix it all together.

Garnish with the mint leaves.

Super easy to make, and out of this world delicious!


There were ten students, and 5 cooked at a time. That meant that we were either cooking or eating!

Our next dish was green curry (gaeng khiaw waan). We made ours with chicken, but you can use any meat. If you’re vegetarian, leave out the meat entirely! We made the curry paste from scratch. Our muscles got a workout with the mortar and pestle. Another super easy dish to make, and a rich flavor. Ours was served in this lovely red and white bowl (very Christmasy!) with jasmine rice on the side.


Green Curry Cooking

Green Curry (Gaeng Khiaw Waan)


Our final hot dish was Phad Thai. I can never resist a plate of this Thai goodness. We used shrimp and tofu, and it was cooked and flavored to melt in your mouth perfection.

Phad Thai Cooking



Phad Thai


And yes, I did cook!


Yes! I Really Did Cook!


The dessert was my favorite, mango and sticky rice, and what a fab way to end our delicious meal!


Mango With Sticky Rice (Cow Niaow Ma-Muang)


Travelers Tip

You can find out all about Poos Cooking School at her website. Take a moment to read her heartening story.  Her classes are small, and they often fill up fast. Be sure to complete your online booking early. 


Poo has a fabulous cookbook available, filled with delicious Thai recipes. If you’ve always wanted to master Thai cooking, this is the cookbook for you. If you order from the link below (much appreciated) I will earn a small commission from Amazon.

This is the 220th edition of Travel Photo Thursday. You can browse the archives here.


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  1. Finding your Linky and of course your post this week was meant to be, given I am in Bangkok. What a wonderful course I will add to my To do list for next time. I loved joining you virtually to cook with Poo! Thank you
    Wren x

    • Hi Wren. Have a fun in Bangkok. It’s an amazing city!

  2. Delicious, thank you for the recipe, Nancie 🙂

    • Hi Lili. You’re welcome! I hope you enjoy it. 🙂

  3. Oh what fun to see the photos of your time with Poo! I can almost smell and taste those goodies you cooked up and will have to check out her website – depending on time, I may have to try some cooking myself while we are in Bangkok!

    • Hi Jackie,

      I hope you have time to take Poo’s class. I’m sure you’d enjoy it!

  4. Nancie, I cannot wait to try that salad. It looks amazing!

    • Hi Corinne! Let me know how it turns out! This is one of my favorite recipes of the day.

  5. I love those funny t-shirts!

    • They are good for a chuckle!

  6. Nancie I was so glad that you weren’t actually cooking with poo!! The food looks divine and I think partaking in cooking classes during your travels is a great way to learn and understand local culture. Plus it is normally very delicious!

    • Hi Kathy…haha, yeah me too. I have to say a cooking class with someone name poo is a little disconcerting! I love taking cooking classes, and Thailand is one of the best and most affordable places to do this.

  7. The title certainly grabbed me, and those shirts are hilarious. Green curry, phad thai, and mango sticky rice are some of my favorite Thai dishes. I love cooking, so I also made sure I went to a cooking school when we were in Thailand. I even made sure I brought home a mortar and pestle from Asia so that I could make those spice pastes. Thanks for the recipe. It looks yummy.

    • Hi Michele. We share a love for cooking classes. I have motar and pestle made from coconut wood. I’d love to have a stone one, but just too heavy! Thinking about moving it when I leave Korea was enough to stop me from purchasing anything heavier!

  8. Thanks for the recipe – I’ll test it out, but substitute a dash of Andean / Ecuadorean love here and there and report back to you next week. 🙂

    • Hi Bob…Let me know! I love making substitutions. 🙂

  9. I am so hungry now! Those dishes look delicious and it includes some of my favorite Thai dishes. I absolutely loved the shirt! What a great experience for you, Nancie. One of the reasons I really wanted to go to Bangkok was to do one of these cooking classes. Now, I know who to take it with when I make it there one of these days. I hope you’re feeling better!

    • Hi Mary! I’m feeling human again 🙂 Still have a cough, but feeling normal other than that. I can’t wait to read about your Bangkok cooking experience!

  10. Ahhh. Mango sticky rice. I remember it well and fondly. I probably wouldn’t be able to handle the other dishes you learned. Too spicy for my delicate tongue, but your photos made me wish I didn’t have the tongue issue.

    • Hi Suzanne! The nice thing about Thai food is you can leave out the spice!

  11. i love how Poo has embraced the marketing capital her name provides! What a great experience. We want to take more cooking classes as we add new destinations. Everything looks delicious!

    • Hi Betsy. Wherever I go I plan a cooking class, and I have never been disappointed (well maybe once!). Thailand cooking classes are both amazingly good, and very affordable.

  12. love the green thai curry. Oh, the power of a headline 🙂

    • Hi Paula! haha…yes, I thought the headline would bring people in 🙂 The curry was delicious!

  13. Learning to cook local dishes is a great idea when travelling. Thank you for sharing this place, next time in Bangkok we might try it.

    • Hi Bente! You won’t be disappointed!

  14. Oh I think the t-shirt is worth the trip! 😉

    • Hi! I need to go back and buy one! 🙂

  15. Pad Thai has to be one of my favorite dishes and (I swear!) I could smell it just by looking at your picture. We’ve talked about taking some cooking classes and plan to do it once we reach Asia. What fun and what better way to immerse yourself in a new culture!

  16. Have to say that I love how Poo has used her name for the class and slogan. Clever and fun! Everything looks delicious — even for someone like me who is not well-versed at all in Thai food. And you look like a happy cook!

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