Animal Shots Around Asia: A Photo Essay

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Hi, and welcome to week 240 of Travel Photo Thursday. We’re in the middle of our summer heat wave here in Korea, and the move that seems like it will never end will definitely end on Sunday. Off to Seoul I go, and I am super excited. Animals have been in the news this past week with the idiot dentist shooting Cecil, the beloved Zimbabwe lion. Thankfully, most of us get our shooting thrills with a camera and not a weapon. This Travel Photo Thursday, in memory of Cecil the lion,  I’m sharing some of my favorite animal shots from around Asia.

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Splat! I stood gaping, as one of the cheeky monkeys that calls Ubud’s Monkey Forest, threw my water bottle to the ground in disgust. Seconds before it had been in my hand as I strolled with a friend, not giving the monkeys much thought. He was upset because the bottle only contained water, and not something sweet like coke. This is one of the reasons that I am not a big monkey fan. You never know when they’ll rip something from your hand, your head, or any other part of your body. Like I said, they’re cheeky little buggers! That being said, I have capture some good monkey shots over the years.


These are two of my favorite monkey shots, both taken in Ubud’s monkey forest in Bali. I love that fact that I was able to shoot two uncheeky monkey moments!


Are You Really Having Fun?


Mom and Baby (Bali)


Then there are Borneo’s propiscus monkeys. This shot was taken in the wild during a Borneo jungle adventure. These fellas are often called ‘Dutchman’ because of their noses. 🙂


Probiscus Monkey


Quick, quick! our guide whispered, excitedly. He’s close to camp! Rubber boots were on in a flash, and cameras ready, as we set out to capture our first glimpse of an orangutan in the wild. An hour later our quiet stalking was rewarded. What a thrill to click the shutter and get a shot of this beautiful boy in the jungle. It might not be the best shot I have ever taken, but it was probably one of the most memorable.


Wild Orangutan


This beautiful kingfisher was shot at night from a boat on Borneo’s Kinabatangan River. Did you know that kingfishers are blind?  He didn’t fly away during our shooting because he didn’t know we were there.




If you’re lucky enough to get to Singapore,  don’t miss  the world famous Singapore Zoo. You’ll see and get to shoot animals that you’ve probably only ever dreamed of shooting. They have an amazing orangutan population! You can even eat breakfast with them (highly recommended)!  


Orangutan  -- Singapore Zoo -- "Big Fella"



Hanging out at the Singapore Zoo


  The gentle giraffes for your shooting pleasure.  


Giraffes  Standing Tall


The big cats.


Spotted Leopard       Relaxing


You can shoot panda bears at the zoo in Chiang Mai.


On the Relax


Panda -- Chiang Mai Zoo


Chiang Mai’s Elephant Nature Park let’s you get up close and personal with the elephants, while your camera does some shooting.    


Born To Eat


And, my favorite animal to shoot, the beautiful Ms. Indy 🙂



Ms. Indy


Pinterest Image 


Do you have a favorite animal shot? Tell us in the comments.

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  1. Isn’t the Leopard magnificent? I don’t get people want to shoot big game. I like the camera shots tho – that would be MORE than enough for me!!!

    • Hi Lydia. I know exactly what you mean. Why anyone wants to kill something so beautiful is beyond me.

  2. Nancie the two monkey photos are superb. I love how shiny and light and well defined their hair is and I cannot believe that the Kingfisher shot was taken from a boat – such colour. We have Kingfishers here in North Queensland but I never knew they were blind. They must have a keen sense of smell. They used to dart down into our pool and dip their beaks in and fly off in one movement.

    • Hi Jan. I was surprised when our guide told us about the kingfisher being blind. I don’t remember if it is just night blindness or not. I need to look that up. They are beautiful birds!

  3. You’ve been to Borneo?! COOOOL. Fun animal shots. I have something completely different this week and on a new website (same address, but new server and look). . . I’ll apologize in advance for broken links, as there are a ton of them and I’m still trying to fix them all!

    • Hi Cindy. Congrats on the new website! Yes, I made that trip a few years ago. It was fun to muck around in the jungle with the animals 🙂

  4. Nancie, Jim and I love taking animal photos. I love them all! Great pictures…who doesn’t love a panda?

    • Hi Corinne! Thanks so much 🙂 Yes, pandas rock. Every time I visit Chiang Mai I head to the zoo just to see them.

  5. You have hit me in my soft spot. I love to watch and photograph wildlife. Any of these encounters will be a happy encounter for me. I think I will like to see the proboscis monkeys. I will like to see pandas too!

    • Hi Ruth. I’m with you! I never miss an opportunity to photograph animals.

  6. Love the baby monkey and orangutan. so sweet.

  7. Fantastic photos! I really enjoyed seeing them – thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Jill. Thanks so much for your kind words.

  8. It would be difficult to pick a favorite animal shot Nancie as they are all spectacular, but I guess my heart belongs to your Miss Indy and that one still wins out. Good luck on the move! Eager to hear how it goes.

    • Hi Jackie! Indy will always be my favorite! Thanks, and I cannot wait to have this move finished!

  9. Beautiful pictures! And it seems to me that ‘shooting’ an animal with a camera and achieving a good result is just as challenging as shooting it with a gun, with the advantage that you and other people can take the challenge over and over. I’ll never understand people wanting to kill an animal just for fun. I hope your move goes smoothly!

    • Hi Rachel. I agree, and knowing that I might be able to return and photograph the same animal again is also satisfying. I’ve shot the pandas at the CM Zoo a few times, and each time they are doing different things, and it’s always fun. My move went well. Have to say though that I am exhausted. I have been waking up between 3am and 4am every day for the past 2 weeks, and I can’t get back to sleep! I’m trying to stay up late tonight and hopefully break the cycle!

  10. These are spectacular animal shots Nancie. Being an animal-lover I love to get up close and personal with wildlife. However when I was Thailand once a cheeky little monkey tried to steal my sunglasses off my face! Love the Pandas!

    • Hi Kathy. Monkeys in Asia are never to be trusted! They really are bad 🙂 I always enjoy photographing the pandas when I’m in Chiang Mai.

  11. Loved these photos, Nancie! The one that really stood out to me was of that little guy at the Singapore Zoo. I’m not much of an animal photographer but my wife has pulled off a few cool monkey shots while we’ve been out. One of my favorite spots was in KL at the Bird Park, where there were tons of peacocks walking about.

    We’ll be in Chiang Mai in a couple of months so it’ll be nice to see if that Elephant Park is worth a trip. Is it possible to make a whole day of it?

    Seeing this post brought a big smile to my face, as the only animals I see here in Korea are magpies and feral cats. Great to see a change in pace for once! Thanks for sharing, Nancie.

    • Hi Duke. Yeah, we don’t get to see too many animals in Korea. I’ve just moved from Daejeon to Seoul. There is a zoo in Daejeon, which I went to once, and it is horrible! I loved my time at the Elephant Park. I stayed overnight, and even got to walk with them. The entire two days was magical.

  12. What an amazing photo of those cute monkeys in Ubud. The orangutan are gorgeous too, but who could resist that photo of Miss Indy. Now this is the only way animals should be shot.

    • Hi Lyn. I agree, it’s difficult to do better than the beautiful Indy 🙂

  13. I hope that Ms. Indy is feeling better. As you know, I’m a huge fan of Elephant Nature Park. I’ve personally held a grudge against those little monkeys ever since they stole my clothes (I still had on a bathing suit) as I was busy photographing another group of them. Little ruffians. That baby orangutan is absolutely adorable. I’m especially envious of your proboscis monkey photo because all of mine turned out unrecognizable. Glad to be back linking up with Travel Photo Thursday. Your group always makes me smile.

    • Hi Michele. Glad to have you back 🙂 I’m laughing here. I didn’t know that the monkeys stole your close. I’d be more than annoyed too! I do not trust them as far as I can see them. The probiscus were a little difficult to get a half decent shot of, and this is the best of many bad shots! The baby orangutans at the Singapore Zoo are just so sweet!

  14. We still haven’t got back a pair of sun glasses that the Ubud monkeys took. They are too cute and too naughty to be annoyed at. Love pandas.

    • Hi Paula. I wonder where they stash all the sunglasses that they steal! 🙂

  15. Great photos! I love them all but if I had to choose one… I’d really love to photograph the kingfisher. Beautiful. Photographing the orangutans at the Singapore Zoo is a great time, isn’t it? I think my favorite photo I’ve ever taken has been of one of the smaller orangutans. So playful!

    • Hi Karen. I love the colors of the kingfisher. I agree, the Singapore Zoo has a fantastic orangutan program.

  16. Those animal shots are great! The first one with the Ubud’s monkey forest monkey with the baby made me want to crawl in and cuddle.

  17. Sounds like a blast. It would be an interesting place to get to someday.


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