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A Favorite Korean Street Food – Gaeran To Su Tu

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Welcome to week 243 of Travel Photo Thursday. My computer continues to limp along as we wait for the parts to arrive; fingers crossed. Last week I brought you a favorite traditional Korean food, Bibimbap. This week, staying with food and Korea, I’m sharing with you one of my favorite Korean street foods, particularly for breakfast. The Korean Egg Sandwich is known by a variety of names; including Gaeran Tost-U and Gaeran To Su Tu. When I buy it I usually just smile and point, since quite often that’s the only thing that will be on the grill.

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You’ll often find these tasty sandwiches being cooked and  served from a Pojangmacha (literally means: covered wagon, and often shortened to ‘pocha’). If your taking a highway bus they usually stop at a rest area, and quite often one of the vendors will be serving up tasty Gaeran Tost-U. This is where I often get my fix. This pocha, located at the Dong Seoul Bus Terminal serves up some of the best Gaeran Tost-U I have ever eaten. I always make sure I am hungry when I take a bus to Dong Seoul.

Korean Egg Sandwich

Korean street food served from a Pojangmacha Tent

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Bibimbap: Eating Your Veggies in Korea

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Welcome to Week 242 (20/08/2015) of Travel Photo Thursday. My computer has been limping along for a while now, and, to add insult to injury, I spilled liquid on it last week. My numbers no longer work, so I am using an On-Screen Keyboard — Ugh.  Anyway, enough of my computer woes. Hopefully things will be sorted out in the next week or so.

It’s been a while since I’ve shared any food with my readers, so let me introduce one of Korea’s signature dishes, Bibimbap; meaning “mixed rice”. The dish is a mixture of warm rice, gently cooked vegetables, gochuchang (red pepper paste), soy sauce, or  doenjang (a salty soy bean paste). I have always enjoyed mine with red pepper paste.

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The dish is easily available anywhere in the country, but if you want to experience the best head to the historic town of Jeon-ju. I wrote about my Jeon-ju bibimbap experience way back in 2010.


This version contains not only veggies, but also bulgogi (beef) . Adding the egg on top changes the name of the dish slightly. Now, we call this dolsot Bibimbap. Yes, the egg is raw, but not for long. The rice and veggies are incredibly hot when they arrive at your table. The egg cooks completely as you mix your piping hot rice and veggies together, usually with a healthy dollop of  gochuchang (optional for those who can’t handle spicy). There’s absolutely no reason to worry about undercooked egg; not going to happen.


Jeon-Ju Bibimbap

A signature dish in Korea – Jeon-Ju Bibimbap

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Cute Shots of Kids From My Travels: A Photo Essay

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Welcome to week 241 of Travel Photo Thursday. I survived the move to Seoul, and have spent the last few days unpacking. I’m getting close. Would you believe that most Korean apartments do not have built-in closets? I kid you not!  This makes for some very creative storage options! I love taking (mostly) candid shots of kids when I’m traveling, and today I want to share with a few of my favorite cute shots of kids that I’ve take over the years.

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The streets of Chiang Mai are filled with cute kids at Chinese New Year. Like this little beauty below, most are dressed in lucky red.


Wake me Up When it's Over -- Chinese New Year 2011 -- Chiang Mai, Thialand


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Animal Shots Around Asia: A Photo Essay

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Hi, and welcome to week 240 of Travel Photo Thursday. We’re in the middle of our summer heat wave here in Korea, and the move that seems like it will never end will definitely end on Sunday. Off to Seoul I go, and I am super excited. Animals have been in the news this past week with the idiot dentist shooting Cecil, the beloved Zimbabwe lion. Thankfully, most of us get our shooting thrills with a camera and not a weapon. This Travel Photo Thursday, in memory of Cecil the lion,  I’m sharing some of my favorite animal shots from around Asia.

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Splat! I stood gaping, as one of the cheeky monkeys that calls Ubud’s Monkey Forest, threw my water bottle to the ground in disgust. Seconds before it had been in my hand as I strolled with a friend, not giving the monkeys much thought. He was upset because the bottle only contained water, and not something sweet like coke. This is one of the reasons that I am not a big monkey fan. You never know when they’ll rip something from your hand, your head, or any other part of your body. Like I said, they’re cheeky little buggers! That being said, I have capture some good monkey shots over the years.


These are two of my favorite monkey shots, both taken in Ubud’s monkey forest in Bali. I love that fact that I was able to shoot two uncheeky monkey moments!


Are You Really Having Fun?


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Chiang Mai — Photo memories You’ll Want in Your Collection

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Welcome to week 239 of Travel Photo Thursday. Chiang Mai is a city that I have come to know and love over the years. Today I’m sharing with you just a few of the travel photo memories that any traveler visiting this beautiful northern Thai city will want to add to their collection.

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I can’t say it enough. If you want to experience the real Chiang Mai, get up and out early. Seeing the city wake up is truly magical.

The morning light over Wat Chedi Luang is so worth getting out of  bed for! Do you know that the Chedi was the highest structure in Chiang Mai for 500 years?


Wat Chedi Luang, Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Favorite Buddha Statues from Across Asia

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Welcome to week 238 (07/23/2015) of Travel Photo Thursday. When I think of Asia I almost always  think of Buddha statues, and the many that I have gazed at over the years. I don’t think I’ve ever been in an Asian country where I haven’t admired (and sometimes fallen in love with) one. This Travel Photo Thursday I am sharing with you some of my favorite Buddha statues from across Asia. 

On our 238th week of Travel Photo Thursday I am thrilled to welcome Jan Robinson as a co-host for our photo weekly link-up. Jan blogs at Budget Travel Talk. Jan and her husband, Marty, have just returned from a 10 week European adventure. Please give Jan a warm welcome!

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The sitting Buddha at Korea’s Mt. Seoraksan’s Shinhungsa Temple is huge. I think the second shots puts the statue’s height into perfect perspective.


Sitting Buddha, Shinhungsa Temple, Mt. Seorakson, Korea


This is one BIG Buddha!


Sitting Buddha, Shinhungsa Temple, Mt. Seorakson

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