Korea: Favorite Photos from Buddha’s Birthday Celebrations

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Buddha’s Birthday Celebrations

This week there are Buddha’s birthday celebrations across Korea. The big day was yesterday, May 3rd. Welcome to week 326 (5/4/2017) of Travel Photo Thursday. I must admit that I stayed away from the festivities this year. However, over my years in Korea, I have attended many gatherings celebrating Buddha’s birthday. Here is a collection of some of my favorite photos taken over the years. Enjoy!

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The colors and the smiles make this photo an all time favorite. For the most part, Koreans usually aren’t the happiest, but something seems to happen during Buddha’s birthday celebrations, and the smiles are contagious.


Lantern Parade, Buddha's Birthday, Seoul 2011


How to Protect Yourself from Malaria When Traveling

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How to protect yourself from malaria when traveling:


How to protect yourself against malaria when traveling


Malaria is a mosquito-borne disease that results in severe flu-like symptoms – it can be lethal if not treated properly and promptly. The disease is actually a parasite, which is passed onto humans through the saliva of the mosquito when it bites in order to suck its victim’s blood. The parasites begin their life cycle inside the new host, which can take anything from a few days to two weeks. As the parasites grow and proliferate, the host becomes more and more ill. People can recover from malaria without treatment, but the disease can recur, and there is a high risk of severe complications and even death. Here is how you can avoid contracting malaria while you are traveling.

Protecting yourself from malaria can be reduced to four simple steps:

  • Awareness of malaria, its risks, and prevention methods.
  • Take action to prevent being bitten.
  • Take antimalarial medication.
  • Ensure you receive diagnosis and treatment fast if you suspect you have malaria.


Korean Ceramics Shopping in Yeoju, Korea

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Korean Ceramics Shopping in Yeoju, Korea

Korean Ceramics

Two weeks ago I had a fun day ogling and purchasing a few pieces of lovely and practical Korean Ceramics in the City of Yeoju, a 90-minute drive east of Seoul. Welcome to week 325 (4/27/2017) of Travel Photo Thursday. Come in and see the pieces that will be making their way back to Canada and my new condo later this year.

If you are in Seoul and you want to purchase Korean ceramics or pottery, avoid the touristy shops in Itaewon or Insadong. Instead, grab a public bus or find a tour going to Yeosu. The city has been producing quality ceramics and pottery for centuries. Here you will pay a quarter of the price for the same vase or dish-set you may have eyed in downtown Seoul.

Our first stop didn’t look like much, but once inside there was lots to choose from.


Korean Ceramics, Yeoju, Korea