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Korea: A Coffee Quote To Make You Giggle

Posted by on Jun 25, 2015 in Featured, Korea, Travel Photo Thursday | 22 comments

Welcome to week 234 (06/25/2105) of Travel Photo Thursday. It’s been a busy end of semester week (all finished…yay), and Indy is sick (poor girl). Her hair is falling out badly (she has no hair left on her hind legs, and there is a big bald patch on her right leg), so I took her to the vet, who subscribed medication and ointment. Getting the pills into the poor thing has been a challenge. We go back to the vet tomorrow, or we might wait until Monday. I want to see how she is after a few stress free no med days. Things happen for a reason. If this had been a normal summer, I would have been getting ready to head out for a summer of  travel, and there’s no way I could have gone anywhere and have left a sick Indy behind! This week I am sharing one shot with you, and it was taken during my travels close to home.

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In the past year at least four new coffee shops have sprouted up in my little neigbourhood. I walk by this cafe a lot, and the sign stenciled on their window always makes me giggle. Koreans can get rather inventive when it comes to English.


Coffee Quote, Daejeon Korea

Coffee Quote, Daejeon Korea

I definitely think ‘upplay’ should be added to the English dictionary!

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Korea: To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth Visit Tartine in Seoul’s Itaewon

Posted by on Jun 18, 2015 in Destinations, Featured, Food, Korea, Travel Photo Thursday | 39 comments

Welcome to week 233 (06/18/2015) of Travel Photo Thursday. This week we are enjoying over-the-top delicious pies from Seoul’s Tartine Bakery & Pie. Before I share the luscious photos, let me tell you a little story.

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Arriving in Korea in early 2001, I quickly realized that baked goods of any kind were difficult to come by, and what was available was not great. Eating out one day, the Korean waiter proudly asked me, in English, if I would like dessert. I perked up really fast, and with a smile that could have lit up six city blocks, I asked…”What do you have”? “Coke, orange, or copi, he answers.” Imagine my disappointment. My smile was like a balloon that had been pricked with a pin…totally deflated. BTW…copi is how many Koreans pronounce coffee. Not wanting to disappoint the poor waiter I chose the coffee, but what a let down. I was expecting cake and pie, not coke, fanta, or coffee!

Fast forward to 2008, and I’m in Itaewan (the section of Seoul that caters to the foreign crowd) having lunch with friends. They’re raving about a new pie cafe (the first in Korea) tucked away in a small alley two minutes away that we definitely had to try. I was game, although a bit apprehensive. I’d been disappointed with Korean baked goods on more than one occasion. Not so this time. The pies were amazing, and I don’t think I have ever eaten a piece of pie so fast!

Tartine quickly became popular with both foreigners and Koreans. In November 2012 they sold there ONE MILLIONTH retail pie, and that amazing number was doubled August 2014. Who would have thought that Koreans would ever have such a love affair with pie! With roots in Oregon and Korea you can read all about the owners on their website. 

Last weekend I was in Seoul, and decided to pick up some pie to take to a friends place. Making pie choices is not an easy decision, but someone has to step up!


How could I walk by???


Tartine, Seoul, Korea

Tartine Pie Cafe, Seoul, Korea

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Korea and MERS: What Travelers Need to Know

Posted by on Jun 14, 2015 in Featured, Korea | 8 comments

Barqash Camel Market, Egypt 2004…

Barqash, Camel Market

Barqash, Camel Market, Barqash, Camel Market

Fast forward to today, and I am sitting at my computer in Korea Googling “camel urine” + mers. I hold my breath, and am gobsmacked when I see 87,500 hits, and the top hit is from WHO (World Health Organization). It seems I am onto the reason why the Korean government is warning people not to drink camel urine (those photos in a moment).

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