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Korea: Unexpected Travel Inspiration in Daejeon

Posted by on Jul 4, 2015 in Featured, Korea, Travel Photo Thursday | 1 comment

A new city (Seoul), and a new job are on the horizon (eek!). My travel this summer seems to be apartment hunting trips back and forth to Seoul, and that’s about it. That doesn’t mean I’m not looking for travel inspiration, and this morning I found just that on the river. This is what I love about expat life and travel. You just never know. Who would have thought I would have found this beauty and his rider cantering along the river trails?!


Horse Back Riding on the River in Daejeon





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Korea: Visiting Daejeon’s Green Space

Posted by on Jul 2, 2015 in Destinations, Korea, Travel Photo Thursday | 13 comments

Welcome to week 235 (07/02/2015) of Travel Photo Thursday. I’m often asked what’s worth visiting in Daejeon, a city I’ve called home for the past 10 years. I am always at a bit of a loss. Daejeon is a nice city, but it really isn’t a mecca for tourists. However, I do think that it is worthy of a visit to enjoy our gorgeous green space. Anyone who follows me on Facebook knows that I walk the river almost everyday (at least this time of year). This morning I headed out, but decided to change my route just a little. In the end I never actually made it to the river, but to our near by arboretum, and that’s when I decided to feature it here on Travel Photo Thursday.

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This is where you’ll usually find me early in the morning. The Expo Bridge was built in 1993 when the city hosted Expo 1993. Closed to car traffic, it’s often rented out for special events like wine tasting and tango.

Daejeon Expo Park and Arboretum


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Korea: A Coffee Quote To Make You Giggle

Posted by on Jun 25, 2015 in Featured, Korea, Travel Photo Thursday | 22 comments

Welcome to week 234 (06/25/2105) of Travel Photo Thursday. It’s been a busy end of semester week (all finished…yay), and Indy is sick (poor girl). Her hair is falling out badly (she has no hair left on her hind legs, and there is a big bald patch on her right leg), so I took her to the vet, who subscribed medication and ointment. Getting the pills into the poor thing has been a challenge. We go back to the vet tomorrow, or we might wait until Monday. I want to see how she is after a few stress free no med days. Things happen for a reason. If this had been a normal summer, I would have been getting ready to head out for a summer of  travel, and there’s no way I could have gone anywhere and have left a sick Indy behind! This week I am sharing one shot with you, and it was taken during my travels close to home.

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In the past year at least four new coffee shops have sprouted up in my little neigbourhood. I walk by this cafe a lot, and the sign stenciled on their window always makes me giggle. Koreans can get rather inventive when it comes to English.


Coffee Quote, Daejeon Korea

Coffee Quote, Daejeon Korea

I definitely think ‘upplay’ should be added to the English dictionary!

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