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Korea: Buddha’s Birthday, Bota-Sa

Posted by on May 26, 2016 in Destinations, Korea, Travel Photo Thursday | 8 comments

Bota-sa was our next stop during Buddha’s birthday celebrations.  Welcome to Week 279  (5/26/2016) of Travel Photo Thursday. This is going to be a quick post. I am really under a lot of time constraints right now with the end of the semester looming. Do enjoy a bit more of Buddhas birthday this week.

After enjoying the festivities at Bomun-sa and Mit’a-sa we made our back to the bus, and managed to creep through the traffic to our next destination, Bota-Sa hermitage. The temple serves as a convent for approximately 50 nuns studying Buddhism and social work. Bota-Sa was relatively quiet. This order of nuns is connected to a temple near the city of Daegu, so most of them traveled there for the holiday. The temple is known for its fifteen foot white Kwanseum Posal (or Goddess of Mercy), which is carved on the rock behind the main temple building.

We passed these grave markers on the way up to Bota-sa.

Bota-Sa Temple, Seoul, Korea

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Korea: Buddha’s Birthday Tour Seoul Part 1

Posted by on May 19, 2016 in Korea, Travel Photo Thursday | 20 comments

May 14th this year saw me celebrating my birthday with Buddha. Welcome to week 278 (5/19/2016)  of Travel Photo Thursday. To be honest, I hadn’t realized that his birthday was actually May 14th. I thought it was the week before. There is just so much going on right before and after this huge annual event that it can be difficult to keep track of the actual date.  Every temple in Seoul, and throughout Korea celebrates the day. I joined the Royal Asiatic Society for Buddha’s Birthday Tour. Over the course of the afternoon and evening we attended celebrations in five of the city’s Buddhist temples. Enjoy Part 1 of Buddha’s Birthday Tour, and my visit to Mita-Sa and Bomun-Sa  Please come back next week for Part 2.

Our first stop was the neighborhood Bomun-Dong, which is very close to where I work. Here, we spent time at Mita-Sa, and Bomun-Sa (sa is the Korean word for temple).

Mita-Sa (sometimes written Mit’a-Sa)

A rather tiny temple, dating back to the 4th Koryo king (950), with a rather colorful history. This includes a king marrying his own sister in an effort to keep undesirable influences from becoming part of the royal family! Today, forty nuns call this small peaceful  temple home.

Temple entrance…

Mit'a Sa, Bomun - Dong Seoul

Mit'a Sa, Bomun - Dong Seoul

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Korea: Tea Making in Boseong

Posted by on May 12, 2016 in Destinations, Korea, Travel Photogrphy | 15 comments

Join us this week for tea making at the Boseong Green Tea Festival. Welcome to week 277  (5/12/2016) of Travel Photo Thursday. This past weekend saw me taking another bus adventure 6 hours down the peninsula to Boseong’s green tea plantation. I must be getting used to these bus rides. I survived this one with only a stiff knee. Now, when I say making tea, I mean literally taking the freshly picked tea leaves, and producing loose dried tea that will eventually produce a nice pot of perfectly brewed tea in my own wee kitchen.

Tea Making in Boseong

Our basket was filled with everything we needed to make our own batch of green tea. We have fresh leaves, gloves, and arm protectors (needed for when we tangled with the roaster).

Boseong Green Tea Festival

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